Some Sectors Covered in Data Center Security

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In many kinds of occasions, saving and protecting the data become so important to do. In case of personal data, some people have their own way to secure it, such as by using password or keeping it in private or hidden directory. For the big data of companies or organizations, of course this will need more than just password and common security features. Well, data center security will be needed to protect all of the data, so they cannot be stolen and breached.

The Protection of Data Center Security

With the data center security, the data can be safe. It is like having more guards to protect your important things. Of course, there are some areas of the data that must be protected. They can become good things to understand since many layers are applied in term of setting a protection of data.

1. Physical security

This is the first sector. It focuses on physical environment of the data. Protection and security center of this sector can be in a form of CCTV, fire protection, walls and windows, and also security staffs or teams.

2. Access of people

This deals specifically to the people who have the access for data. Because of the importance of those information, only some people have the access. Even, restricted area can be applied, so there can only several people who have an access to enter the area around the data servers or directory.

3. Data security

This part deals directly to the data that is saved in digital format. Although there have been strong protection and limited access for people, the data still can be stolen or breached. In this case, firewall, antivirus, and data encryptions are needed, so they cannot be stolen by other people.

4. Network security

Networks are about digital access of the data. How they are stored, transferred, and accessed is about the networks. Providing data security is not enough since the traffic must also be good to protect the access and network. In addition, firewall can be the basic and most necessary thing. Then, monitoring must also be needed to check whenever there are strange network trying to access the data.

5. Server security

Since the data are bigger and need fast as well as mobile access, the servers have become a house of all data. Servers become house where storage management, performances, and other things are managed. Of course, it is crucial to provide good protection for this sector. In case of server, applying many security features are not enough. Things can be more complicated, so there must be people in charge of this sector.

Those things become the important sectors in term of data security. In fact, it is not as simple as using codes, password and antivirus. Because of its level of importance, stronger protection and data center security must be applied. That is why some sectors get big attentions, and even there are such kinds of perimeter to make sure that the data are fully protected.